Cranky Rooster Balsamic Ketchup

A bottle so beautifully filled with the flavours of America, Italy, and the Tropics. Talented chefs at Cranky Rooster are excited to put forward their new magical delicacy, 'Hot Balsamic Ketchup'. If you love giving your taste buds a taste of different flavours from around the world, then this bottle is filled to the brim with flavours that would make your taste buds explode.

Cranky Rooster happened when a chef with serious case of wanderlust travelled around the world and grew a sudden fondness towards chillies in Mexico. To this day Cranky Rooster and the chef make a great combo. 

These ketchups have a perfect balance of heat, sweetness and tartness . Pour this sauce into a bowl, and dip all those edibles that you could grab. It just plainly blends with all foods, and let your taste buds relish something new.

Cranky Rooster hasn’t changed the classic taste of ketchup, we just improved it by combining balsamic vinegar, fresh chilies and all natural ketchup. The sauce would best fit those people who love to see something spicy on their plate. This balsamic ketchup is all that your require to make any food taste heavenly.


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