Cranky Rooster Hot Sauce Florida

The company Cranky Rooster based in Miami Florida is a pioneer in developing hot and super-hot ketchup and sauces. The chefs at the Cranky Rooster, experiment with a variety of hot chili peppers (tasting them and blending them with various ingredients) to discover new ketchup recipes. Hot sauces and balsamic ketchup by Cranky rooster are a treat for all those people with a spicy tongue.

Listed below are a few hot sauces by Cranky Rooster

  • Ghost chili crushed pepper sauce – made from ghost chilies, one of the hottest chili pepper varieties in the world; this sauce can set your digestive tract on fire. The manufacturers warn that only those who had tried other hot sauce varieties should consume this as it is extremely spicy.
  • Scotch bonnet crushed pepper sauce – made from scotch bonnet pepper, hottest chili pepper next to the ghost chili (100,000 to 350,000 SHU), this sauce is a blend of sweet and spice
  • Trinidad crushed pepper sauce – made from the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili pepper whose heat sting is stronger than a scorpion sting, this sauce goes well with anything and everything you want.

Cranky Rooster products are gluten free and made from 100% natural and fresh ingredients.


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