Cranky Rooster Small Batch Sauces

When a chef with a serious case of wanderlust grew a sudden likeness towards chillies in Mexico, Cranky Rooster was born. Inside the Cranky Rooster kitchen, the chefs are busy preparing intriguing sauces that would add a sudden heat to your food.

Right from Chipotle crushed pepper sauce to Jalapeño sauce, Cranky Rooster has a sauce for everyone. One of our specialities is the hot balsamic ketchup set: Chipotle and Roasted Habanero.  This ketchup has an appealing smoky flavour perfect to go with pizza, barbecues and all kind of grilled meats and burgers

The jalapeño balsamic ketchup combines the flavours of America with that of the Tropics to give the perfect blend of spiciness, and sourness. Perfect with chicken, pork, fries and burgers

The end of pepper growing season marks the beginning of Cranky Rooster's Chipotle crushed pepper sauce making. It is a bottle full of delicious spiciness, and smokiness. Our ketchup and sauces make an excellent choice to add on salsa, soups, marinades and you name it.


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