If you were a true die hard chilihead, wouldn’t you want to receive a unique foodie gift of crushed pepper hot sauce? That is exactly what we have prepared at Cranky Rooster. These food gift set ideas will surely please the palate of all hot sauce lovers out there.

Hot Sauce Set

The Full Hot Sauce Set:

The blazing opening act that started it all: six incredibly delicious and all-natural hot sauce varieties, lovingly made in small batches from freshly crushed peppers, never from extracts. Ranging in hotness from medium (for inexperienced palates) to exceptionally high intensity (recommended for hot sauce pros), each and every one of these beautifully balanced sauces is perfect for pairing with an endless variety of foods. Whether you’re a confirmed hot sauce lover, or just beginning to embrace your inner fire-eater, you owe it to yourself to have a fling with Cranky Rooster. This is truly a unique foodie gift that every hot sauce lover would love to receive.


The Full Hot Balsamic Ketchup Set:

We’re cranking up the heat and tasty fun even higher with the addition of our impossible-to-resist hot balsamic ketchups. We like to think of them as America meets Italy meets the Tropics in a bottle, but you’ll probably just think of them as damn delicious. Like all Cranky Rooster offerings, these unique proprietary recipes are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are wonderful food gift set ideas and there’s no doubt you’ll want to try all three mouth-watering flavors, including Jalapeno, Roasted Habanero and Smoky Chipotle. Thick, full-bodied and bursting with incredible flavor, they are also insanely versatile. Jaded taste buds, prepare to be amazed with Cranky Rooster’s unique foodie gift sets




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