Chilies are meant to add heat to your palate, but with ghost pepper the heat tends to intensify with it hot, smoky flavor.

BhutJolokia aka Ghost Chili Pepper is a kind of hot pepper plant primarily grown in India. According to the Scoville heat unit measure, the ghost peppers have a spice rating of 1,001,304 units. This is far more than habanero pepper ranked at 250,000 units. With its high spice levels, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, which is a fruit of ghost chili peppers is said to be the hottest pepper in the world as per the Guinness Book of World Records.

The ghost peppers derived its name as BhutJolokia due to a mistranslation. Westerners started to pronounce BhutJolokia as “Bhoot” which means a ghost in Hindi dialect.

How to Grow Ghost Peppers?

Compared to other hot peppers, growing ghost peppers is relatively difficult since they require a certain degree of heat and humidity which is directly correlated with its heat index. To grow these peppers, it is important that the climate has striking resemblance with India which tends to remain intensely humid and hot for at least five months in a year.

In case the growing season is shorter than five months, then the plant can be moved indoors. However, the ghost pepper plants are sensitive to changes in the environment where moving around may damage the harvest completely.

The safest way to grow ghost peppers is in a greenhouse or indoors where temperatures can be regulated. In a warm soil, the ghost pepper plant seeds take almost 35 days to germinate where the soil needs to be kept moist throughout the process. Many farmers suggest soaking the seeds in hydrogen peroxide for a minute to aid in germination. Moreover, within controlled environments, the humidity and temperature needs to be maintained via sun florescent light bulbs.

The Health Benefits of Ghost Peppers:

The health benefits of ghost peppers are as follows:

  • During the hot, arid summer months in India, the locals make use of ghost peppers as a medicine to cure and prevent stomach ailments. These chilies are eaten to cool the human body temperature by inducing perspiration.
  • Ghost peppers aid in breathing by opening the clogged nasal passages through their strong flavor.
  • The ghost peppers also have a tendency of releasing endorphin hormones in the human body, alleviating moods.
  • The ghost peppers help in improving blood circulation and also lowers the blood pressure levels.
  • As per numerous studies, ghost peppers have anti-cancer properties.
  • The chilies also aid in weight loss by boosting the human metabolism.
  • The chili has a natural ability to dissolve blood clots in the vessels.
  • Helps in reducing osteoarthritis by reducing joint pains and inflammation.
  • Ghost chilies also improve your sleep patterns keeping you energetic during the day.
  • Reduces symptoms of nasal congestion, flu, and sinus.

Other Uses of Ghost Peppers:

Apart from being a natural cure to numerous ailments; ghost peppers are being widely used in India for a number of other purposes.

In India, the locals spread ghost peppers on fences to stop wild animals from crossing. Moreover, scientists in India have suggested another use of ghost peppers as a weapon in hand grenades or pepper spray.  The chilies can cause a temporary paralysis without long-term damage to the criminal.

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