Measure heat levels in chillies with Scoville Scale Chart

The scoville heat scale is used in measuring the hotness scale of chilli peppers. Its unit of measurement is SHU. Capsaicin is what brings the hotness to the chilli. It reacts with the body’s sensory neurons and produces heat sensations. The scoville scale chart measures the heat of chilli by comparing the quantity of capsaicin in it. The scoville heat unit represents the hotness of the chilli in accordance with the variation of the pepper. This measurement considers both the agricultural changes and temperature variations in chilli.

Scoville heat scale was created by Wilbur .L. Scoville (1856-1942). The standard process of determining the heat of chilli is to dissolve the chilli extract in sugar and water solution until at least five tasters cannot sense the chilli heat. The degree of dilution is used to determine the measure of capsaicin in chilli pepper.


The scovile heat scale has been implemented in determining the hotness of a wide range of chilli peppers. Red Savina Habanero was considered to be the world’s hottest chilli pepper until 2007 when Ghost Pepper was measured on the Scoville scale chart to be twice as hot as Red Savina Habanero. The Scoville scale chart is perfect for matching your degree of preferred hotness to a chilli product.


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