Scotch Bonnet Peppers and Habanero chili peppers belong to the Capsicum chinense species of the nightshade vegetables. After jalapenos, Scotch Bonnet pepper is a favorite for making pickled peppers, but it is not for everyone. Only real spice musketeers can dare give it a shot and breathe fire, because the chili pepper is 12–140 times hotter than jalapenos. On the Scoville scale, it is rated 100,000–350,000 Scoville Heat Units.


Why Is It Named Scotch Bonnet?


Yellow Scotch Bonnet Peppers look exactly like squash. The chili pepper gets its name from its shape (no fat shaming though). It appears like Scotsman’s Bonnet (Tam O’Shanter hat). In Caribbean, it is Scotch Bonnet pepper. In other South American regions, it has many other names; Jamaican Hot, Martinique pepper, Bahamian, and our favorite Bahama Mama.


This Caribbean Sizzler Has Many Variants!


Bahama Mama has many successors above it, but none of them beats its flavor and aroma. Tomato-like sweetness and cherry-like tang enhance its flavor; the flavors become more powerful when pickled or cooked. Best, this Caribbean sizzler has many variants, ranging from Scotch Bonnet Chocolate to Tobago Scotch. The variants differ in sweetness, tang and spice, as well as the color. Usually, Scotch Bonnet variants are yellow, red, orange, green, and chocolate brown in color.


Are You Hunting the Best Scotch Bonnet Pepper?


If yes, then don’t go anywhere other than Guyana or Caribbean, where it is known as the Ball of Fire pepper. In Caribbean, it is also called Cachucha pepper. When visiting Caribbean, don’t forget trying jerk pork – a Scotch Bonnet pepper specialty. You can also find spicy and good quality Scotch Bonnet peppers in Panama and Maldives Islands.Scotch Bonnet pepper is an unforgettable ingredient in Jamaican curries and gravies. Resembling a shape of ball, it is generally 1 to 1 ½ inches long and ¾ inches wide.The sister spices of Scotch Bonnet pepper include Habanero pepper (don’t forget reading our blog on Habanero) or Thai red chilies. For a hotter alternative, African Bird’s Eye chili is also a good option.


Is It Healthy?


Very healthy! It stimulates blood circulation at the cellular level (used in pepper spray). Rich in phytochemicals, vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, riboflavin, flavonoids, dietary fiber, niacin, magnesium, and carotenoids, Scotch Bonnet pepper boasts unparalleled nutritional value.

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