Spicy Balsamic Ketchup Set

Get ready to set your tongues on fire with Cranky Rooster’s spicy balsamic ketchup sets. You can’t get anything much better than the Spicy Balsamic Ketchup to give a spicy touch to your meals.

Currently, there are four sets of balsamic ketchup available in the market– jalapeno/chipotle/ roasted habanero ketchup set, jalapeno/chipotle ketchup set, chipotle/ roasted habanero ketchup set and roasted habanero/ jalapeno ketchup set.

Roasted habanero balsamic ketchup is a combination of medium hot peppers and perfectly blended flavors. The heat of the chilies is well balanced against the flavor of the balsamic vinegar and the rest of ingredients.

Made from fresh jalapeno peppers, the jalapeno balsamic ketchup is a zesty match for your bread, tacos, pizza, etc. It has less heat and complexity compared to chipotle and roasted habanero balsamic ketchup, making it a perfect choice for those who like it less spicy.

The chipotle balsamic ketchup is made using smoked jalapeno chilies (chipotles) which have imparted a natural smoky flavor to it. These balsamic ketchup sets, coupled with the right amount of heat and complex flavors, is all that you need to prepare any mouth-watering dishes.


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