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At Cranky Rooster, we don’t claim to make the hottest sauces, just the best hot sauces. Even so, our Trinidad Scorpion Crushed Pepper Sauce, the hottest one we make, is undeniably Underwear-on-Fire Hot! Flavorful and aromatic, the Scorpion Chili is native to the region of Moruga in Trinidad & Tobago, and is aptly named for its pointy end which resembles a scorpion’s stinger. And believe us when we tell you that the heat level in this sauce can sting even stronger than a real scorpion! Recently it took 2nd place at the 2017 Scovie Awards, a prestigious contest held each year to choose the very best fiery foods in the world! So if you consider yourself a hot-sauce hot-shot, don’t chicken out … you’re not afraid of a little Cranky Rooster, are you??


ALL Cranky Rooster Sauces are:

  • KOSHER Certified (OK Kosher Certification), Gluten Free, low in sodium and have 0g Trans Fat
  • Made from 100% natural fresh chili peppers, never from extracts. In order to draw out every last bit of goodness and heat, the chilies are crushed and mashed together with other ingredients, resulting in the perfect texture, consistency and amazingly fresh flavors that define all of our products.
  • Crafted with passion by a highly qualified team with expertise in agriculture and manufacturing.
  • Prepared under the highest food quality and safety standards. From harvesting to bottling, all of our sauces are subject to rigorous quality control methods.
  • Delivered in fun and eye-pleasing bottles, ideal for adding oomph to your get-togethers, or as a unique and awesome gift for the spicy-sauce lovers in your life.


WARNING: Please note that if you are not used to eating hot chili sauces, the Trinidad Scorpion Peppers in this sauce are among the hottest chilies in the world. Use caution when tasting!





Acetic Acid, Salt, Scorpion Pepper, Water, Xanthan Gum.
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