As the creators of Cranky Rooster Gourmet Hot Sauces and Balsamic Ketchups, we are seriously passionate, perhaps even dangerously passionate, about creating and sharing our amazing sauces. Our talented and inspired chefs have dedicated countless hours (and buckets of sweat) to inventing each and every flavor. In fact, our daily lives revolve around our ongoing crusade to tempt taste buds and palates everywhere with our one-of-a-kind premium gourmet sauces and ketchups, elevating meals in the farthest corners of the earth to new levels of innovative tastiness, never before attained.

You see, Cranky Rooster Hot Sauces and Hot Balsamic Ketchups are prepared in strictly small batches, using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, including fruits and vegetables harvested in the heart and blazing heat of Central America, and the finest Balsamic Vinegar that can be sourced from Modena, Italy. We’re never prouder and happier than when we get to share our unique proprietary recipes, and we consider it our lifelong mission to keep spreading the word, inspiring hungry people everywhere to experience for themselves the perfect blend of flavor and heat to be savored in our Cranky Rooster sauces.


Once upon a spicy time, there was a passionate and highly-skilled chef who had a serious case of wanderlust. His travels took him all over the world: from the Italian island of Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, to the old-meets-new, non-stop action of London, England, and beyond. Eventually, his combined love of food and travelling brought him to the blindingly blue waters and stunning scenery of the Yucatan Peninsula.

It was there, in Mexico, where he first became fascinated with chilies, in all their spicy glory. Hopelessly obsessed, he spent countless hours learning about dozens of different chili varieties, and perfecting their flavors in his culinary creations. From there, the fiery seeds of his dearest dreams were planted, and his purpose in life became clear: to achieve the perfect blend of his exceptional culinary skills with his passion for Italian cuisine and everything he’d learned about chilies. From there, he would invent astounding new flavors to be infused in a variety of delicious gourmet sauces he could one day call his very own.

He soon realized that finding the perfect name, and an intriguing identity, would provide a solid foundation and endless inspiration for building his business. So he called up a few of his good friends, and they put their heads together, and talked and brainstormed (and drank tequila), until they knew without a doubt that they had found the perfect name. Thus the Cranky Rooster, in all its irresistibly grumpy glory, was born.

To this day, the wandering chef and the Cranky Rooster still make a great team, and continue to push the saucy envelope by constantly seeking exciting new ways to finesse flavors, attract foodies, and above all, have fun. Forever thinking, tasting, crowing, and trying bold new ideas on for size, they exist in perfect harmony, just like the flavors in their deliciously awesome sauces.

M. Aviles Ceo & Founder