NET WT: 7.05 oz Each
Heat Level : Medium Hot
Gourmet Small Batch Mustard

Mmmmmmmmustard! Those of us who love it just can’t seem to get enough of it. And that was before the Cranky Rooster chefs created a never-before-tasted selection of magnificent mustard flavors. Each unique flavor formula has been carefully formulated around its own special variety of chili paired with the one delicious fruit their talented taste buds have proven can bring out the best in it, resulting in one-of-a-kind, seedy-in-a-good-way mustards that are bursting with temptingly unique taste combinations and full-bodied texture. Put them on everything—you just can’t go wrong.


JALAPENO/APPLE : “What a trip this one is!!” As the legend has it, these were the enthusiastic words uttered by the Cranky Rooster chef who first sampled our mouth-watering new Jalapeno-Apple Mustard. And our tribe of Cranky Rooster sauce fanatics seems to agree! In fact, the Jalapeno and just-fruity-enough apple flavors complement each other so well we could have just called this flavor Jalapple and called it a day. Imagine it on sausage, pork, chicken … are your taste buds perking up yet? With just the right ratio of whole grain to smooth mustard to make eating interesting, this truly is a mustard for the millennia.


CHIPOTLE/PLUM: Another impressive feather in the cap of our Cranky Rooster chefs. In fact, sheer brilliance! Imagine mustard. Now, imagine it with a zing of spicy chipotle heat. And then go ahead and imagine it again, this time with the pleasing mild sweetness of ripe juicy plums. This one’s a real smoothie of a mustard with no whole mustard grains, yet plenty enough tantalizing flavors to keep you coming back for more and more So try your mustard with a little sweet and a little heat. Whether smeared onto a sandwich, blended into a marinade or stirred into a savory stew, get your chipotle-plum-mustard dancing shoes on and get down with the Cranky Rooster.


HABANERO/BLACK CURRANT: Sophisticated may not be the first word that springs to mind when pondering mustards. Nonetheless, it is quite likely the word that best describes Cranky Rooster’s delectable new Habanero/Black Currant Mustard. This is a serious mustard, for serious mustard lovers. With a subtle undercurrant (get it?) of tantalizing black currant flavor and lovely habanero heat, this mustard has the power to please even the most discerning of mustard-loving palates. A pleasantly sharp aftertaste makes it perfect for pairing with red meats, especially with a good glass of red. Or add mouth-watering allure to any recipe that usually calls for plain old mustard. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, this mustard has palate-pleasing power to spare.


HABANERO/ORANGE: Even if you consider yourself to be a mustard master, we can guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like Cranky Rooster’s smoooooth Habanero-Orange Mustard! After some surprisingly in-depth discussion, we think “elegant” is the best word to describe it, but you’ve just got to taste for yourself the way the subtle orange notes lend an intriguingly fruity twist to just the right degree of Habanero heat. This latest mouth-watering creation from the Cranky Rooster kitchen is the ideal accompaniment for anything you feel adventurous enough to try it on, and then some, because it’s Downright Delicious. Put it on everything—but your eyes.





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