HOT BALSAMIC KETCHUP SET: Jalapeño/Chipotle/Habanero

HOT BALSAMIC KETCHUP SET: Jalapeño/Chipotle/Habanero


NET WT: 14.5 oz each

JALAPEÑO: This Balsamic Jalapeno Ketchup combines the perfect blend of medium heat intensity with a zesty zing. It’s a little less complex, but no less mouth-watering, than our Roasted Habanero Balsamic Ketchup or our Smoky Chipotle Balsamic Ketchup. All three flavours will bring a fascinating new taste dimension to anything you are tempted to pair them with. Just think of everything you are used to putting plain old ketchup on, and then reimagine those same dishes tasting infinitely better.

CHIPOTLE: This Smoky Chipotle Balsamic Ketchup is infused with a palate-pleasing smoky flavor and natural smoke aroma derived from hand-smoked chipotle chilies and not by artificial bottled smoke. (How do they make that stuff, anyway?) Thanks to the perfect blend of bold, deep and complex flavors with just the right amount of heat, it’s an inspired choice for pairing with, well, pretty much everything.

ROASTED HABANERO: This Roasted Habanero Balsamic Ketchup boasts a sophisticated and balanced blend of flavors, combined with a medium level of chili pepper heat. After endless taste tests (and glasses of water) our talented chefs finally determined the ideal amount of roasted Habanero chilies to balance out the delicate flavor of the finest Balsamic vinegar that we source directly from Modena, Italy. Smooth yet full-bodied, this ketchup-with-a-kick will enhance absolutely everything you try it on.


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